Weekly Classes

Morning Vinyasa

Monday 10am | 75 MINUTES | All Yoga NYC

A practice of fundamental postures designed to start the week with awareness, breath, and flowing movement, which helps students strengthen their connection to Self and the Earth. Dharma discussion, singing mantras, heart opening, balancing, and inversions are all fair game in this challenging class suitable for all levels.

Int./Adv. Vinyasa

Wednesday 8pm | 75 MINUTES | All Yoga NYC

A fast paced vinyasa practice suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners and beginners who have a sense of adventure. Class will begin with a Dharma talk and mantra chanting. Spiritual teachings are woven into a vigorous, purposeful sequence to awaken growth in the body and mind. Alignment, stability, and flexibility are nurtured in equal parts. Inversions and more advanced postures will be explored.


Restorative Yoga/ Pranayama

Thursday 8:15pm | 60 MINUTES | Hosh Yoga

This slow moving, hypnotic yoga class focuses less on movement and more on sensation with the ultimate goal of complete focus on the breath (meditation). Warm-up movements and prop-supported postures are tailored to the students in the room, offering space for total relaxation of the body and mind.


For reservations or information:

To book weekly classes with Katherine, please visit the page of the hosting studio and proceed with online signup.