If you open up your heart and listen, the universe has a lot to say.

Katherine Phipps

Katherine Phipps is an artist and photographer based in New York, New York.  A passionate, sensitive storyteller,  her work has a powerful narrative style and is focused on moments that are both ethereal and ephemeral. Having the distinct privilege to witness beautiful things has given Katherine a distinct purpose, to preserve these moments for others to witness and experience too. Be it a powerful expression of love between a couple on their wedding day, the unique and wonderful interactions of a family, the squeeze of best friends' hand at a party, or simply beautiful light witnessed in the day to day, Katherine watches the world anxiously awaiting the next moment pressing to be retained. She also uses her focused vision to help others achieve their creative goals through web and book design, curatorial services, retouching, and more.

Katherine is also an advocate for film in the photography industry, having joined the Lomographic Society International in 2015 after graduating from Pratt Institute the same year with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. She currently works as the Community, Marketing and PR Manager for USA and Canada, playing a key role in online sales and project management as well as partnerships and collaborations.